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Zosia – Collecting machine Clothes collection and distribution

Zosia is a compilation of software controlling clothes circulation with an independent vending machine collecting work clothing. Zosia shares information with the central unit concerning the type and the quantity of received clothes as well as the reception time. You are able to put inside only the clothes with in RFID tags or bar codes with have been introduced into the system. In order to be able to open the vending machine and get access to the laundry, the worker needs to have key or needs to know the code of combination lock.


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Product description

Zosia is a computerized, fully independent vending machine. It enables automatic returns of uniforms by the workers. It is solution for customers with properly operating system of clothes distribution, but without a solid returns controlling system, or for the customers who want to make the process of returning more user-friendly. Zosia is a kind of a chute equipped with a PC, a tag or bar code reader and a touchscreen. It has access to the clothes database via the Internet. The laundry is a chute inside the vending machine connected to a standard laundry trolley, which makes the pickup much easier. Zosia can fit in between 250 and 300 clothes and it has the following dimensions: the width of 89 cm, the height of 201 cm and the depth of 100 cm.

Professionalism in clothes rotation management

Zosia is connected with the central database via the Internet and it gathers all information about the circulating clothes. Zosia’s main duty is to automatically collect workers’ clothes, and also record and share information about the received clothes. The return process is very fast and easy; a worker places his clothes with an RFID tag next to the reader, after which the shelf for clothes is opens and the worker is able to chute down his clothes. The whole process takes a few seconds. The moment of chuting is displayed on the screen (and it is also recorded with the view to preventing any abuse). The chute will open only if the enclosed tag is in the central system; it will not open in any another case. Using Zosia as a complementary solution to the existing system can bring many benefits:

  • Speeding up the process of clothes returns
  • Zosia could be placed anywhere without occupying much space.
  • This vending machine operates 24/7, which is highly important especially in shift work.
  • The process is maintenance free and no extra workers are needed.
  • Full information about the quantity and assortment which is waiting for the pickup and the laundry
  • Low costs of exploitation
  • Reliability

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