Tool vending machines

Tolek 1116 Tool vending machines

Tolek is a new generation of vending machines. This device is dispensing tools and provide maintaining production materials near to employee. Especially small parts and those that cause difficulties.

Technical parameters

Size of the machine 206,4x110x110cm
Number of locations max.1116
Size of locations 5×7,5cm
The weight of the machine 700kg
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Product description

TOLEK is a revolutionary machine with up to 1116 storage locations.
New software version allows adapting to tools market requirements. That’s why the user gets new possibilities for e.g:

  • easy and quick access to tools categories and subcategories ( the so-called three-step system)
  • possibility to supplement vending machine – TOLEK shows empty storage location by his and allows to supplement the assortment
  • the ability to change the size of a storage location.

Professional tool management

We present you tools distribution system named “TOLEK”. This vending machine is a combination of automatic tools dispenser and management software. This system resolve tools management issue at the workplace. It is a solution to the following needs:

  • Employee supervision,
  • Safety and availability of articles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • Access to articles near workplaces,
  • Control over articles sale type: Individual or package,
  • Reduction of consumption,
  • Analysis and control over total traffic  (Sale, Return, Supplement),
  • Remote control,
  • Automatic supply management,
  • Automatic supervision over inventory.

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